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The Lux Humidifier helps you to restore an appropriate level of humidity and eliminate the discomfort associated with dry air, such as dry eyes, scratching throat and dry skin.

Good humidity is particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, and lips and it can also prevent accelerated aging due to dryness and it can relieve your asthma and allergy symptoms as well.

Thanks to the Lux Humidifier you can create an optimal, 40-60% humidity level in your home. Viruses and bacteria travel harder in humid air. Usual symptoms of a cold, or sneezing will be reduced faster as it lowers the chance of getting infected through air by avoiding dry mucous membrane.

Create a healthy and stable atmosphere in your room with Lux Humidifier that has:

✓ 6-Liter water tank with ceramic filter that helps to keep the     machine hygienic,

✓  Antibacterial ionizer that improves indoor air quality and minimizes the growth of bacteria, 

✓ Hygrometer that helps to optimize the humidity,

✓ Lack-of-water security protection and 12-hour timer control and automatic switch off for safe operation,

✓ Aroma diffuser for essential oils.


The Lux Humidifier is a long life and low energy consumption with high efficient in humidification with large output, it is suitable for babies and children, able to produce cool and warm mist, easy to use and easier to clean.

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Model SPS-921BT
Power supply 220-240V 50/60Hz
Heating power 80W
Humidify power 30W
Total power 110W
Water tank capacity 6L
Evaporation Rate ≥350ml/h +/-50ml/h
Noise level ≤35dB(A)


It minimizes bacteria growths in your environment. This feature is a must and should be turned on at all times. Many commercial humidifier serves as a hotbed for bacteria by creating optimal environment for them to grow.
Our ionizer technology prevents this process before it could start.


Thanks to the big 6 liter water tank it can work long time and its 12 hour timer control, automatic switch off ensures the safety usage.

Built-in aroma diffuser

A humidifier with essential oils can bring several benefits to your health and your home. Essential oils are believed to have antiviral, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. They are released into the air through a humidifier as aromatherapy and can help people relax and feel less stressed and anxious and may aid in strengthening the immune system.

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