Lux International, the leading Swiss healthy living company, looks forward to celebrating ist 115 Year anniversary in 2016. Together with its partner company, Eureka Forbes India, the group with headquarters in Switzerland and India has successfully continued its growth path in 2015, realising a new record sales in global revenues, with a turnover of over €465 Million and a sales growth of +11%.

Founded in Sweden in 1901 as a small company selling street lighting solutions, Lux International proudly looks back on its impressive 115 year history while also being very excited about the numerous opportunities that are ahead for the group in the months to come. As the CEO of Lux and Forbes Lux International, Reto von der Becke states:

“Built on the foundation of its humble beginnings in Sweden, we are today a truly global company, represented in over 40 countries and across all 5 continents. In the next 5 years we have ambitious plans to continue this global expansion, executing our newly developed “Strategy 2021”. From being the proud inventor of the first home-used vacuum cleaner, we have constantly transformed ourselves as a company and today we have the Vision to be the partner of trust for our customers around the globe, privately as well as professionally in offering them relevant healthy living products of highest European quality and with a unique Swiss design. In this context, 2016 will be an exciting Jubilee Year full of new product innovations across our product segments of a clean home, clear air, clean water, fresh food and a healthy work environment, in celebration of our 115 year history. From being a small company with a big dream, our group has transformed itself into an organisation with the ambition to be a market leader in our industry, a group that has grown by over 12% in 2015 alone and today generates an annual turnover of well over $500 Million. And this is only the beginning, as we embark on a year full of new opportunities for our customers and Lux partners alike.

”2016 will be a year of several product innovations across categories. It will also be a year in which Lux continues its strategy to further expand its heathy living product portfolio for private as well as professional customers, and it will also see the launch of a new product segment, Lux Aqua Soft, where Lux will offer its customers a range of intelligent point of entry water treatment systems combining the opportunity of healthier, fresher drinking water with the possibility to also soften and decalcify water entering the home, resulting in a range of significant benefits for the customer and the environment alike.

According to the Executive Management Team of Lux International, the company’s plans for its Jubilee Year 2016 are both ambitious as well as well defined: “2016 will be an exciting year for our group, in which we celebrate our proud 115 year history while using this platform to transform our Business across product categories, sales channels and geographies like never before in the history of our company. We are proud to be 115 years young, and we are at an exciting turning point in the history of our company, ready to take the next leap in shaping the next century of success for Lux. The space for healthy living products is highly competitive, but also highly relevant, combining across product categories the tangible and realisable benefits for the customer also with a strong positive impact on the environment. In the water segment alone, we can help our customers, both in the B2C as well as the B2B segment, to significantly improve their very own personal CO2 footprint by replacing bottled water solutions with a very environmental friendly Lux Aqua solution of their choice, resulting in an unlimited availability of freshly pressed drinking water. These opportunities, in water but also in other segments such as air or ecological home cleaning, are exciting and Lux is well positioned to play a key role in these markets in the years to come.”

For further information please visit our website under www.luxinternational.com or contact Birgit Pfister under birgit.pfister@luxinternational.com.

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