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Aerostar Neo ironing board

With our special high-quality ironing board you can iron your clothes perfectly, without any problems.

Thanks to the practical blowing, sucking and heating functions, ironing is as easy as anything. With its compact shape, the Lux Aerostar ironing board is really easy to store.

SUCTION AND HEATING FUNCTION: the suction function ensures perfect creases in pants. The heating keeps the cover dry.

BLOWING FUNCTION: stretches the fabrics with the air cushion.

PROFESSIONAL COVER: 3-layers high-quality material cover.

HEAT RESISTANT STAND-BY AREA: for short breaks, just slide the iron onto the heat-resistant area.
USER-FRIENDLY: practical control panel, integrated socket for the Ecolux steam cleaner, cable winding hooks.

EVERYTHING AT THE RIGHT PLACE: the cable holder reduces the pulling force on the iron cable and protects the cover from wearing. For long breaks, the iron can easily be placed on the pull-off iron holder.

STABLE: the oval rubber feet can be adjusted to uneven floors. The stable construction of the legs makes the ironing board very stable.

Compatible with Lux Ecolux Neo Iron and Lux Ecolux Neo steam cleaners.

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